Critical thinking involves diligently using sound reasoning to identify, analyze and evaluate information in order to make decisions, solve problems and establish beliefs.

Higher Order Thinking

Skill Techniques


Here are a few suggestions from our teachers:

Students use the Internet as an independent research tool to discover key terms and concepts before learning them in class. Teacher sets up an online document with somewhat vague questions beforehand that promotes directed searching of Internet resources to find out what the teacher is planning on covering in class in the near future. (Eric Dunham)

After each lesson, I have students write a short paragraph summarizing their understanding of the lesson. 1.) What is the “big idea” of this lesson? 2.) What the three most important things to remember from this lesson? 3.) What is a tricky way to remember this information? 4.) How might you use this information in the future? 5.) What do you still want to know about this subject? (Eric Dunham)

During daily routine such as calendar or morning warm up introduce a game called secret sort in which you sort familiar items into two categories and kids must guess how they have been sorted. For lower grades start with easy ideas such as purple items vs. blue items and work up to harder concepts such as organic shapes vs. geometric shapes. For upper grades use numbers such as prime vs. composite numbers or numbers that follow an algebraic rule or anonyms vs. synonyms of a word. (Kristi Hall)

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