The following online tools allow you to create, edit and publish video, animation, motion graphics, music and sound for any project.



  • TED-Ed (Create custom lessons which incorporate a TED or YouTube video.)
  • MentorMob (Create learning playlists from a variety of sources)
  • Tildee (Write a sequence of how to steps for tutorials or lessons including images, videos, maps.)
  • All Think (Create and share online lessons including a quiz.)
  • CheckThis (Create a single page of steps including a variety of media and a quiz.)
  • Projeqt (Create screens of content with subscreens if needed.)
  • SnapGuide (Create step-by-step instructions using images and text. Also has an iOS app.)
  • My Brain Shark (Combine documents, slideshows, narration, videos, images into an online lesson.)
  • Sharendipity (Create interactive lessons.)
  • Readlists (Create an ebook from your list of web pages.)
  • JogNog (Quickly build Common Core standard-based quizzes that act like games.)
  • Go Class (iPad lesson planning, delivery, interaction)


  • Magisto (Insert media, output a polished video. Also on iOS.)
  • Animoto (Insert media, output a polished video. Free up to 30 seconds. Also on iOS.)
  • OneTrueMedia (Insert media, output a polished video. Free up to 30 seconds. Also on iOS.)
  • FlixTime (Upload media, output a polished video. Free up to 60 seconds.)
  • ClipGenerator (Put photos and text to music then output a video)
  • Vuvox Express (Instant creation from web feeds or albums)
  • Storify (Gather online content then add your own commentary.)
  • Padlet (Formerly Wallwisher. Build a virtual wall with anything on it.)

Motion Graphics & Animation

Audio and Music



  • Kerpoof (Create a variety of media projects. Grd K-8)
  • Capzules (Insert media into an interactive timeline)
  • Vuvox Collage (Create interactive media panoramas)

Curriculum Creation Examples

As education moves away from printed resources and adopts digital ones it opens up more options for students and teachers to adapt content and create their own.


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