These sites help you foster discussion or gather information from your target audience. Whether you need a form, survey, poll, forum or quiz you can build an online version quickly and easily. Then view the results. You can also use tools to annotate or comment on work.

Quick Reply

  • Socrative (Quick student response system for any device)
  • Celly (Instant group texting and managing of topics)
  • PollEverywhere (Web & mobile input. Alternative to clickers. Free K-12 plan.)
  • (Get audience feedback during a presentation)
  • TodaysMeet (Instant chat room for feedback)
  • Chatzy (Instant chat room for feedback)


  • Collaborize Classroom (Present a topic then hold a discussion, comment, vote and view results.)
  • Solvr (Brainstorm, discuss, comment, vote centering on a problem. Grd 4-12)
  • Decico (Input and rank options to make a decision. Grd 4-12)
  • Decide Already (Input and rank options to make a decision. Grd 4-12)
  • Grockit Answers (Start a Q&A discussion about any YouTube video.)
  • Highlighter (Post a document, highlight, save, share, comment, review.)
  • aMap (Visualize an issue and debate via position, proposition, arguments, and evidence.)
  • VoiceThread (Voice comments on multimedia. Free educator account. Class accounts cost $.)

Forms and Surveys


  • QuizStar (Made for teachers. Create online quizzes. Organize results.)
  • Testmoz (Quick, simple quiz maker)
  • ProProfs QuizMaker (Made for teachers. Limited free account)
  • That Quiz (Math drills. Grd K-12)
  • (Create games, quizzes, activities, diagrams)
  • BounceApp (Capture a web page, add notes, share for feedback.)


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